Stateless Component

Caveats better use functions as argument for setState function // Correct this.setState((prevState, props) => ({ counter: prevState.counter + props.increment })); Reduce render »

Deploy on AWS

Change Time 为 Linux 实例设置时间 // 1. change file sudo vim /etc/sysconfig/clock ZONE="Europe/Berlin" UTC=false // 2. link the timezone sudo ln -sf /usr/ »

Using React with Redux

Actions if a action need to use the parameter, onClick = funciton (event){}, just create the function, but don’t forget the event, maybe you need »

Study with Data Structure

The article I read Oracle query optimizer Scala Programming introduction The End of Global CSS »

on study

Start react with redux

to be done redux dev tool react router (3 kinds of history, normally browserHistory) redux router (bind react router) redux compose utility function, from right to »

Server Command

Start and restart pm2 list to check the status of servers and the server id. pm2 restart server_id to restart server Database command mongodb shell »